Kevin Miller looks at a few evening decisions by Idaho Governor Brad Little.  The governor signed three bills that provoke conversations.  Two of the bills dealt with the transgender issues and the third covers affirmative action.  Congressman Russ Fulcher joins Kevin Miller for the latest update from Washington DC.  Former Idaho Republican Party Chairman Steve Yates shares his thoughts on the coronavirus.  Kevin Miller speaks with Kathy Holland of Albertson's on how to shop safely during the crisis. Dr. Kenny Bramwell of from Saint Luke's explains to Kevin Miller how local hospitals are dealing with the medical challenges of the virus.  Dr. Kenny Bramwell is the system medical director for St. Luke's Children's Hospital and service line. Kevin Miller looks at a how some states could tell their residents that they will not have the freedom to travel.  In an effort to keep the number of coronavirus cases from climbing, several states have now restricted travel from other parts of the US.Anyone coming from elsewhere in the country into Vermont, Hawaii, Delaware, Kentucky, Massachusetts, or North Dakota are now being told they must self-quarantine for 14 days.Florida, Kansas, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Texas, South Carolina, and West Virginia have put restrictions on citizens from certain states and cities.One North Carolina county won't even let people in who don't already live there, establishing ID checkpoints to stop visitors.






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