Kevin Miller begins the show by looking at the latest goings on the Idaho Legislature. The coronavirus outbreak could be made worse because many Americans can't afford to stay home from work when they're are sick.Business Insider reports 32 million US workers aren't afforded paid sick leave - that's 25% of the entire workforce.18 states even prohibit local governments from even offering paid sick leave.Stats show there's a benefit - a 2018 study found a 40% drop in infection rates in cities that required paid sick leave.Could you afford to take a sick day if you weren't paid? Who's only sick for one day? How quickly does illness spread where you work?  Kevin Miller looks at the latest news from a former president. Bill Clinton reportedly opens up about his White House affair and apologizes to Monica Lewinsky in the upcoming Hulu documentary Hillary.According to reports, Clinton says the affair was something he did to "manage my anxieties",  and insists he's now a "totally different person than I was". Clinton also says he feels "terrible" that Lewinsky's life was "defined by it, unfairly I think."  As for his wife, Hillary Clinton says she was "devastated" by the affair.The four-hour documentary is set to premiere on Hulu this Friday.Do you feel any differently about the Lewinsky affair now vs. how you felt at the time?  Do you plan to watch the documentary?





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