Kevin Miller begins the show by looking at the latest on the Coronavirus.  Kevin takes calls from listeners who believe the government should be doing more to help them.  Kevin Miller covers the stock market issues with financial planner Dave Petso of Petso Financial.  The stock market shuts down.  It's looking to be another rough week on Wall Street, with the Dow Jones plummeting more than 1900 points shortly after the bell rang Monday morning.   In fact, the market dropped so far and so fast it triggered a 'circuit breaker' that halted trading for 15 minutes, after a drop of more than 7 percent in the first ten minutes of trading. The usual coronavirus concerns and an oil price war between Russia and Saudi Arabia are the two big factors in Monday's crash.   Kevin Miller asks the following questions:  What do you think will be the fallout from this stock market crash?  Are people overreacting to the coronavirus outbreak?  Kevin Miller previews the upcoming Idaho Presidential Primary between Bernie and Biden.  Michigan has 125 delegates up for grabs and was the site of one of Sanders' biggest wins in the 2016 primary.  Idaho, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota, and Washington will also hold primaries on Tuesday.  Kevin Miller takes calls from listeners who believe that Bernie can beat Joe Biden and restore his momentum that was lost last week due to poor results on Super Tuesday.




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