Kevin Miller interviews Congressman Dan Crenshaw from Texas on his new book Fortitude.  Kevin Miller takes calls from listeners who are disappointed with Governor Little's stay at home order being extended for two more weeks.  Kevin Miller updates folks on two big issues.  The new unemployment numbers and small business loans from the government.   In only two weeks, the government's relief program for small businesses has already hit it's $350 billion limit and is now out of money. Business owners who just recently tried to file for the Paycheck Protection Program were met with a message from the Small Business Administration reading that it can no longer accept new applications for the program based on "available appropriations funding." Republicans and Democrats both agree that more funds need to be made available to businesses who employ 500 or less; they just can't agree how to do so.  The Washington Post says that the federal government hasn't released any data showing how much money has actually reached small business-owners. Are you a small business owner who applied for the program?  Were you denied or were you able to get some help from the SBA?  What was the process like applying for funding?






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