Kevin Miller begins the program by reviewing the weekend's activities including the big rally that happened on Friday afternoon.  Hundreds of Idahoans showed up to protest the governor extending the stay at home order.  Kevin Miller interviews Dave Petso, Lars Larson, and Senator Jim Risch.  The senator urges folks to support small businesses in Idaho.  He ask folks to go out and spend money to help sustain them through these tough challenging times.   Unlike folks in Idaho, a new poll says the majority of the country wants to stay at home.  A new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll shows that 58% of American workers support keeping stay-at-home restrictions in place to fight the spread of Coronavirus.  32% are worried about taking too long to ease restrictions and hurting the economy. Nearly 80% of Democrats polled are worried that the U.S. will move too quickly on easing restrictions compared to around 50% of Republicans. Since last month's survey, the amount of those worried about a family member catching Coronavirus has increased twenty points. Kevin Miller asks the following questions:  Are you worried that the U.S. will reopen to soon or not soon enough?  Why?






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