Kevin Miller begins the program by reviewing the weekend events in Idaho and across the country.  Kevin Miller begins by taking calls on the apology of Sara Brady.  She was the mother who was arrested for trespassing in Meridian, Idaho.  Kevin Miller takes reaction from listeners responding to the story.  Kevin Miller interviews Dave Petso and Lars Larson.  Kevin Miller shares a few thoughts his thoughts on shopping and wearing masks.  Make sure you plan out a route inside the store before charging through with the shopping cart. In an effort to maintain social distancing among customers, the retail chain has begun mandating one-way aisles. Like traffic signals, you'll start seeing green "Shop This Way" and red "Do Not Shop This Way" decals on the floors indicating which way to walk. In addition to steps like limiting the number of people inside, encouraging facemask use, and temperature checks for employees, Walmart will also implement separate entrances and exits. How have you found shopping to be different during this pandemic?






From Wuhan to New York City: A Timeline of COVID-19's Spread

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