Kevin Miller begins the program by taking calls on Governor Little's proclamation that Idaho is back to work.  Curtis Ellis of the American First Priorities speaks with Kevin Miller on the dangerous of the China situation.  Boise Mayor Lauren McLean details how Idaho's largest city is getting people back to work.  Conservative Organizer Diego Rodriguez previews the upcoming back to work rally at the capitol.  Brandon Atkins, program manager Central District Health, updates the audience on the curve in Idaho.  Kevin Miller looks at the cost of the virus to the sports industry.   A new analysis from ESPN predicts the sudden cancellation of sports during the pandemic will end up costing more than $12 billion. According to ESPN, the shutdown will also result in hundreds of thousands of jobs lost, not only from pro sports teams and TV networks but local rec centers, youth sports programs, and other sports-related ventures. Even more alarming, they say that lost revenue could double of the pandemic ends up affecting the NFL and NCAA football seasons. When do you think live sports will return?  Will sports on TV feel the same if the games are played with no live crowd?






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