Kevin Miller begins day four of Miller's Mission from the Walmart in Nampa.  He is collecting canned goods, cash, men's underwear other items.  Kevin Miller explains how the mail in ballots are wrong for the state and country.  He takes calls from listeners who agree with him.  Don and Leo from the Boise Rescue Mission join him to share their views on how the Mission helps veterans.   Kevin Miller speaks with Congressman Russ Fulcher who has made a donation to the Mission.  Kevin Miller continues to interview folks from the Boise Rescue Mission.  Kevin Miller looks at the comment of Senator Kamala Harris who wants to make saying the Woohan Virus will be committing a hate crime.  Kevin Miller continues to take calls and invite people to donate to Miller's Mission.  Kevin Miller gets angry about a flawed study saying smoking weed will help you fight the coronavirus.






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