Kevin Miller begins the show by reviewing last night's protest at the state capitol in Boise.  Kevin Miller speaks to a variety of callers who share their frustrations concerning the attacks on police officers.  Several folks want the protests to stop and call the protesters a variety of names.  Kevin Miller interviews former police officer Steve Rogers.  Mr. Rogers speaks about the additional challenges facing law enforcement across the country.  Kevin Miller goes live to Washington DC to hear from Rachel Southerland of Fox News Radio.  Jon Decker reports from the White House.  Jeff Monosso checks in from Chicago on the attacks on police officers across the country.  Boise Police Acting Chief Ron Winegar shares his thoughts about local police efforts in Idaho.  Kevin Miller takes calls from listeners who continue to back President Donald Trump despite the negative media reports from across the country.  Kevin Miller reminds everyone that Governor Little will be joining him tomorrow morning.






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