Kevin Miller continues to take calls on the gas tax issue.  He shares the comments from the Speaker of the House John Boehner concerning the president's immigration policy.

Kevin Miller goes over the best picture nominations from the Academy Awards.


Kevin Miller interviews Tonya J. Powers of Fox News Radio.  She reports on the congressional movement to raise the federal gas tax.

Kevin Miller takes calls on the gas tax issue and revisits the proposed bond issue for the West Ada School District.


Kevin Miller looks at two national / international stories.  He shares the clip of the Pope saying freedom of expression is limited.  He then reports on a gun range operator who bans Muslims from her shooting range.  Kevin Miller takes calls on both issues.


Kevin Miller looks at the employment situation in the Treasure Valley.  He shares a story from a mother who's son lost his job at Gowen Field.  Kevin Miller examines the true employment situation in America.


Kevin Miller reports on the movement to give the 'Add the Words' campaign a hearing on the issue.  He takes calls from listeners who respond to the legislature moving the proposed bill forward.


Kevin Miller shares his interview with Naghmeh Abedini.  Her husband is being held by the Iranian Government for over two years.  She describes her faith in God in helping her cope with his detainment.


Kevin Miller and Dave look at how to curb the cost of education in Idaho.  The West Ada School District is looking to raise another 96 million dollars through a levy.  The last attempt was for over 100 million dollars was not passed last August.