Kevin Miller speaks with Senator Risch concerning Russia and the Ukraine.  Kevin and the senator go over national defense, the debt ceiling, and jobs. The senator explains the latest concerning Bowe Bergdahl and Pastor Saeed.


Kevin Miller discusses the case of a 9 year old Boise boy accused of threatening a pair of 4 year olds with a pocket knife.  Jim from Star calls in and urges discipline for the 9 year old.


Kevin Miller interviews Allen and Kay Robertson from Duck Dynasty.  They discuss their struggle in life and their appearance in Idaho March 29th.  The Roberson's go over how they have become America's most popular TV Show.


Ada County Commissioner Dave Case stops in to discuss county issues with Kevin Miller.  They discuss the upcoming road improvements this Summer.  Kevin and Commissioner Case discuss the Eagle Ski/Snow Park.  They discuss balancing the budget, raising taxes, and cutting expenses.


Kevin Miller talks with Senator Mike Crapo on the budget, jobs, the military, and the upcoming congressional elections.  Kevin discusses the details of a 9 year old Boise boy accused of pulling a knife on two younger kids.


Kevin Miller goes over the Darell Issa verses Elijah Cummings fight yesterday on Capitol Hill.  Kevin goes over the audio and highlights the fact that Cummings was out of order and crossed the line.  Kevin Miller then profiles a gambler suing a Las Vegas Casino because he lost a 500,000 bet.


Kevin Miller and Dave take a look at a few stories that are trending worldwide.  They go back and forth concerning the 18 year old girl who sued her parents, a man suing McDonalds for 1.5 million dollars because they gave him on napkin.


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