Kevin Miller reports that the 'Add the Words' folks have blocked the doors of the governor's office this morning.  He then compares their campaign with the second amendment campaigns in recent years.


Kevin Miller welcomes State Representative Matt Erpelding.  The democratic lawmaker discusses his thoughts on education funding.  Kevin asks about the governor's race and the economy.


Kevin Miller interviews Jennifer Keiper of Fox News Radio.  Jennifer breaks down the February car sales for Ford, GM, and Chrysler.  The Winter weather in the East has slowed sales in the East and could lead to great deals on new cars this Spring.


Kevin Miller holds a debate between Liberal Steve and Tom Munds.  Tom beats Steve and for the first time ever Liberal Steve has lost a debate.  Kevin looks at the latest dog shooting.  This time involving the Nampa Police Department.  Tea Party Bob calls in to talk education along with Kurt from Nampa.


Kevin Miller interviews Fox News Radio's Simon Owen live from London.  Simon breaks down Europe, Nato, and America's reaction to Russia and the Ukraine.  He continues to detail what the West will try to do to stop more violence.


Kevin Miller looks at the Governor's race and relays the news that Governor Otter has filed for re election.  Kevin then explains the challenges more republicans are facing in this primary which is unusual in Idaho.  He then looks at the anti gun movement in Idaho.


Kevin Miller and Dave discuss the fatal accident yesterday due to a horse in the road.  They look at local television stations and their news coverage of local events.  Kevin Miller and Dave go back and forth over the Russian invasion of the Ukraine.

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