Kevin Miller gets the latest on the Idaho House State Affairs Committee passing a news concealed carry bill.

Kevin Miller takes calls on education funding from callers.


Kevin Miller interviews Avi Davis, president of the American Freedom Alliance.  They discuss what must be done to destroy ISIS.


Kevin Miller reports on the latest involving Hillary Clinton's Emails.  He takes calls from listeners who believe that she should be arrested and thrown out of office.

Kevin Miller looks at the incident involving Planet Fitness and a woman who complained about a transgendered man who was in the women's locker room.


Kevin Miller discusses the incident involving a man walking around the Boise State Campus carrying a rifle.  He takes calls on the issue and hears from folks commenting on the second amendment.


Kevin Miller reviews all the pending bond issues involving local schools.  Several folks call in voicing their opinions on how they'll vote today.

Kevin Miller reports on the latest news on illegal immigration.


Kevin Miller covers the issue of whether the gas tax on vehicles will be raised by the Idaho Legislature.  He believes that the tax should not be raised at all.  Kevin Miller takes calls from listeners who sound off against the proposed tax increase.


Kevin Miller and Dave discuss the recent success of the Boise State Basketball Team.  They look at where the Broncos will be seated in the field of 68.  Kevin Miller looks at email etiquette when commenting on government officials.