Kevin Miller interviews Fox News Reporter Jeff Monoso.  Jeff goes over the latest in the Ferguson investigation.  Kevin Miller and Jeff preview the NFL Season.


Kevin Miller continues his conversation about funding local schools.  Several folks call in to voice their opinions on the issue.  Kevin looks at the latest controversy involving Michael Sam and the team showers.


Kevin Miller interviews Fox News Radio Reporter Emily Wither live from the Gaza Strip.  Emily describes the reaction of the announced cease fire.  Kevin Miller takes calls on the school bond issue.


Kevin Miller goes live to the Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic to speak with Channel 7's Meteorologist Larry Gebert.  Larry goes over the first day of the balloon classic and invites everyone to stop by Ann Morrison Park.

Kevin Miller and Larry discuss Larry's disclosure of his fight with prostrate cancer.





Kevin Miller goes over some of the zany news of the day.  He then interviews Channel 7's Carolyn Holly live from Atlanta.  She previews the BSU / Ole Miss Game.

Kevin Miller shares a sports story about Michael Sam's showering habits.


Kevin Miller explains the desicsion by the Burger King Corporation to merge with Canada's Tim Horton's donut and coffee chain.  Kevin explains the business tax rate is 40% in America verses 27% in Canada.

Kevin Miller takes calls on the threat of ISIS in America.



Kevin Miller and Dave discuss the failure of the West Ada School District's Bond vote.  They look at the comments from the district that they will try again to get the big money.  Kevin describes his trip to the Oregon Coast.  Kevin Miller and Dave look at more and more Idaho Police Departments using military surplus equipment.


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