Kevin Miller interviews IEA President Penny Cry discussing the new tiered teacher certification proposal.  They go over the demands of the teaching and how Idaho ranks nationally on high school graduates.


Kevin Miller speaks with Senator Jim Risch in studio.  The senator gives his report on the economy, ISIS, and the relationship between the Feds and the states.


Kevin Miller goes live to the Middle East to speak with Fox New Radio's Emily Wither.  She's not available, so Kevin covers the story and takes calls.  He then talks about the life and death of Fox News Radio's Mike Majchrowitz.


Kevin Miller interview John Rich from Big and Rich.  Mr. Rich previews his show this Friday in Nampa and reminiscences about Kevin's time in Nashville.  Mr. Rich describes how he lives the American Dream and encourages others to do the same.


Kevin Miller looks at the lack of ticket sales for this week's home Bronco Game.  Kevin takes calls from Liberty Linda on Mitt Romney.  Kevin Miller examines the new threat from ISIS.


Kevin Miller interviews Naghmeh Abedini concerning her husband Pastor Saeed, who is still being held by the Iranian Government.  Naghmeh encourages folks to attend the international vigil later this month at save Saeed.


Kevin Miller and Robin discuss their Labor Day Weekend.  Kevin opines about his lack of muscle tone.  He revels he has the physique of a bell pepper and the tone of a jellyfish.  They examine a web site that looks at what happened to your home before you owned it and airline etiquette.

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