Here's what happened when I won the Marconi Award last year.

   It's been over a year since I won the most prestigious award in broadcasting.  This weekend a new champ will be crowned in Atlanta.  I wanted to share with you the video of the night we brought home the gold.

Kevin Miller's Marconi Moment
Kevin Miller, Townsquare Media

The Marconi Award is presented by the National Association of Broadcasters yearly to deserving broadcasters.  There's categories for syndicated, major, large, medium, and small market broadcasters.  The votes are tabulated from radio professionals throughout the country.

The award may have my name on it, but it represents all of you who listen to the show every day.  It's a testament to the good works that we do our very best to highlight every morning.  I will always be grateful for your help in supporting local Treasure Valley Charities.


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