Years ago, in what seems like a galaxy far, far, away... Long before I knew that I'd be living in Idaho. There was no internet, Fox News, cable television was the home of Gilligan's Island's reruns, the Andy Griffith Show.

A conservative revolution was beginning in a developing form of communication known as Talk Radio. Rush Limbaugh seemingly singlehandedly grew an audience of conservatives who loved their country. Before the Limbaugh Show, there was another radio pioneer; his name was G. Gordon Liddy. You can read a complete biography of Liddy courtesy of the National Review.

It's hard to imagine a talk radio world without Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, or Lars Larson. The Liddy Show was proudly carried on KIDO Talk Radio during its early days of the spoken word format. The Liddy Limbaugh combination informed Idahoans for several years. Their talent encouraged a young Kevin Miller across the country that Talk Radio was a dream that could become a reality.

Liddy was the first and only politico/celebrity who succeeded in talk radio. We've seen former public figures try to host a talk show only to fail because they didn't understand the format. Mr. Liddy was brilliant at communicating with his audience. He was authentic before that became word became a buzzword. His stacked and packed calendar was a must purchase for traditional American males.

Liddy's loyalty to Richard Nixon has been the subject of books, movies, and various television shows. His stories of doing time for his Watergate adventures made the mundane workday hours fly by quickly. We all tuned in to hear what the Gman had to say; in the end, that's what talk radio is about. Rest in Peace, Gman... You will be missed.

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