It's not often that you have two well-known entities headed for a big showdown on television. Coming up tonight, KTVB will run a report that promises to investigate the Idaho Freedom Foundation.

The Idaho Freedom Foundation has held Idaho politicians accountable for several years. They have provided research and assistance to conservative legislators. Like all of us, they're good things and bad things about the IFF. KTVB teases a story with selected highly critical lawmakers of the IFF. I believe the IFF didn't provide a spokesperson to KTVB.

The Idaho Freedom Foundation, like Brietbart, does provoke a reaction among its critics.



Is the Idaho Freedom Foundation a threat to Idaho?  Or a nonprofit group that holds politicians accountable?  The political world will monitoring KTVB to judge their report today.  However, is it really in the great public interest to dedicate news resources to this report on the IFF or Idaho's continued crisis in prisons, schools, and foster care?

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