It's a crazy, crazy world that we live in.  It seems that everything we've grown up with statues, names, retail items, sports mascots and other anything else that I missed are being replaced or eliminated.Now a writer with the LA Times says it's time for a new national anthem?  The writer criticizes the anthem while advocating for the Bill Withers song 'Lean on Me' to replace the Star Spangled Banner.  Yes, they really want the anthem gone.  Which makes most of us say, 'is there anything sacred in this country anymore?'

It's hard to believe that anyone who loves America would have a problem with our national anthem.  Although, that's the beauty of this country.  You can speak out against it and not be thrown in jail like other totalitarian regimes.

I would hope that folks that read the LA Times or live in California, send a message to the paper that the national anthem is not going anywhere.

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