It's hard to find anyone in our great state who would be easily defined as lazy. Idahoans pride themselves on working hard; heck, most Idahoans go hiking, fishing, or camping when they're not working, and those activities are hardly considered passive.

In defense of being lazy, it's good to give your body and mind a break from the stresses of family, work, and time off. How many times have you seen folks on the Greenbelt running or pushing their kids, biking fast, or a weekend hiking at Table Rock or Camel's Back Park?

Lazy is defined as 'unwilling to work or use energy,' according to the dictionary. So the laziest city in Idaho would be where most people do not work. 

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Our friends at Wall St. 24/7 developed their criteria for labeling Idaho's laziest city. As with everything they compared cities in Idaho with other cities throughout the country using the following categories. 

The factors were adults who do not exercise, places to exercise, adult obesity rate, population of adults who don't have access to exercise equipment, population, and those that are in poor health.

Here's how Idaho's laziest city compared to the national average:
> Adults who report not exercising: 21.7% (Idaho: 19.0%)
> Population with no access to places for exercise: 26.1% (Idaho: 78.2%)
> Adults who report fair/poor health: 14.7% (Idaho: 15.3%)
> Adult obesity rate: 31.9% (Idaho: 28.3%)
> Population: 62,921

So which city in Idaho is the laziest and is in need of some good old fashioned exercise?


Idaho Vandals

Boise is not Idaho's laziest city.


What about Meridian? Could Idaho's second largest city be the laziest? They do have a lot of shopping malls and not as many parks as Boise.

youtube-city of meridian


YouTube / KTVB
YouTube / KTVB

Nampa is a great city and the folks who live their are not on the lazy list.


The home of so many businesses that continue to grow and grow. Could they be the laziest city in Idaho? Could the College of Idaho be the cause of this title for Caldwell?

Downtown Caldwell

No worries Yotes and Non Yotes, Idaho's laziest city is not Caldwell.

Do you recognize Idaho's laziest city? Here are a few clues. It is the ninth largest city in Idaho. The second largest city in Northern Idaho.

YouTube/ Live Like Rob
YouTube/ Live Like Rob

If you guessed Lewiston, Idaho, as the home of Idaho's laziest city, you'd be correct.

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