The media continues to cover the looting and protesting that plagues our country.  Thankfully the Treasure Valley has avoided the pillaging that has victimazed our fellow Americans.  The family of George Floyd has called for the looting and the violence to stop.  They rightfully say that these acts take away from the loss of Mr. Floyd.  Police officers have once again found themselves targeted by the rioters.  Multiple officers have been injured and shot while trying to protect their cities.

The media continues to air sympathetic coverage to the criminals who have vandalized national monuments to local businesses.  The community would be served if the media began to cover the additional strain on our law enforcement officers.  Law enforcement is a calling, not a profession.  What we're seeing is truly amazing when you examine the amount of restraint being exercised by local, state, and national law enforcement officers.

Those that commit crimes will be held accountable by our criminal justice system.  Everyone is entitled to a fair trial says the Constitution.  We are a nation of laws and we are not ruled by mobs.  It is the brave men and women of law enforcement whose service to their communities maintain order.  We should be supporting law enforcement, not cheering its demise.

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