Since the Obama Administration failed its mandated constitutional duty to enforce federal law, we've seen more Americans getting high. Although it's illegal, states have defied federal law by passing laws legalizing the weed.

Now liberal Democrats in Congress want to hit the whole legal bong by making smoking marijuana legal on the federal level. The plan is called the More Act, reports Politico. The bill would remove the Weed's consequences, forgive criminal records, and look to give money in the form of grants for those his by law enforcement, otherwise known as the war on drugs.

In the House, the Democrats, the Libs, hope to get this bill tied to more money for COVID relief. On the other hand, Congress runs out of time to pass a face-saving continuing resolution to keep the government running. Some states are not waiting for the feds to move on legalization. Four states have put the measure on the ballot that voters will decide on this November.

The bill is sponsored by House Judicary Chairman Jerry Nadler a Democrat from New York. Nadler tells Politico that the racial unrest has helped move this bill to a reality.

"We always had the intention of doing this,” Nadler said, but “the increasing consciousness of the ... Black Lives Matter movement also helped a great deal.”

Does Joe Biden, the Democratic nominee for president, agree with federal legalization? Biden said he was not in favor of legalization during a November Democratic Presidential Debate.

If the bill passes the House, look for the Republican-controlled Senate to quash this latest attempt to make the Weed legal.

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