Veteran's Day celebrations took place across the country and in our state. However, we noticed that one city, the state's capital, did not have any official statement regarding Veteran's Day. The news outlets reported a ceremony at the statehouse this morning, along with a ruck march organized by a group of local veterans, but was there an official acknowledgment from the Boise mayor's office or the city council today?

In Meridian, the city held an event at Kleiner Park honoring Idaho's Heroes. Where was that similar effort in Boise? We checked the city's press release site and found no proclamation from the mayor. The annual Veteran's Day Parade was postponed again due to Covid concerns. It begs the question: Why didn't Mayor McLean state her appreciation for those who serve our country? Gowen Field is a significant employer not only to our state but to the city of Boise.

Where was the mayor? Where was the governor on Veteran's Day?  They were both at the grand opening of a new state-of-the-art facility that will help veterans and challenged athletes.

Idaho is one of America's most patriotic states.  It's not asking too much of the sitting governor to attend multiple Veteran's Day events.  If the governor can issue a press release concerning Idaho being the least regulated state in the country, surely he could've issued something to honor the service of Idaho Veterans?

Mayor McLean dropped the ball repeatedly by allowing the Veteran's Day Parade to be canceled again.  Why couldn't she at the very least hold a ceremony commemorating our troops?  Is it a wonder we have a contested gubernatorial primary and everyone is moving out of Boise?

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