It has been a rather unusual year in Idaho Politics. The part-time legislature will meet for the third time this year on November 15th. The May Republican Primary is months away, but we already have a record amount of declared candidates running against an incumbent governor who has yet to declare his intention to run for reelection.

The national news media has profiled the struggle for power between Governor Brad Little and Lieutenant Governor Janice McGeachin every time the governor leaves the state. Media reports have compared their public spats to a domestic argument between Mom and Dad.

Today we learned from the lieutenant governor that the governor left the state without informing her that she was the acting governor. The last few times she served as acting governor, McGeachin reversed or adjusted Little's policies or executive orders. She fired off a few firey remarks in a media release.  

The governor told KTVB that the attorney general told him that he didn't have to inform the lieutenant governor when he left the state. According to KTVB, it could all end up in court. However, where was the governor?


Governor Little was at a dinner held by President Trump, who it appears from the picture was honoring the governor's work. The president must've had Idaho on his mind this week because he met with the lieutenant governor on Tuesday night. You can read about their meeting here. Perhaps the president could save Idahoans the stress of who's running the state by visiting Idaho instead of having our folks travel to Florida?

Will Donald Trump endorse a candidate running for Idaho's top spot? Regardless of who gets his endorsement, the fact that Idaho's two most powerful elected leaders are seeking his blessing shows all of us that the president will have a say on who will be our next governor.

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