Idaho is a great place to live.  But even the craziness involving mask mandates has made its way to the Gem State.  Recently, a group of church going Idahoans were exercising their First Amendment rights in Moscow, Idaho.  Over 150 people were singing such songs as Amazing Grace and other songs that we all hear in church.

Unfortunately, five members of the group were arrested by the police.  Clearly we are living in highly emotional times.  In the state of Ohio, a young mother was handcuffed, tazed, and hauled away by the police for not wearing a mask.  Several onlookers stood their doing nothing.

Both stories made the national news from Breitbart to Fox News.  Thousands or maybe even millions, shared these stories on social media.  Clearly, the arrests were not worth the amount of attention, considering we have anarchists burning down major American cities while liberal leaders let then get away with it.

However, if you're not wearing a mask, you could be on your way to jail.  It all seems very odd when you look at things in perspective.  We can all hope that COVID will go away soon.  If not, we're going to have to rely on the authorities and ourselves to begin to deescalate these public situations.

The authorities would be wise to let the folks run around without a mask rather than arresting them.  Who benefits when church goers and Moms are hauled away in cuffs.  It's not the message of justice being blind when so many other lawbreakers are running amok.

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