According to our friend Tom Munds, another mask burning rally is being planned for March 6th. Tom is an activist and a friend of our morning show program. Friends sometimes agree to disagree and do so with passion. This morning Tom and I had a significant disagreement about the effectiveness of another mask burning rally/event. (You can hear our conversation by listening to the podcast at 6 am.)

Tom said that a highly respected state legislator is organizing his burning event. I asked Tom, who that legislator was, he refused to tell me. I will share with you the questions I had for Tom this morning. What does having another mask burning rally accomplish? The last one made international news that was highly critical of our entire state. Here's the link from Buzzfeed.

After doing a Google search, I found little details of the mask burning event. According to the site, the entire state will be hosting mask burning rallies at 10 am on March 6th. I do not have the location in our area, but according to the map, it looks like it's in between Boise and Meridian. I have sent an email to the site, and hopefully, we'll have that information for you. We will update this post if/when that location becomes available.

Back to my conversation with Tom, who believes that mask burning will be a useful tool to motivate our politicians to eliminate mask mandates, I applaud the organizers' work and effort to pull off this statewide event. I believe that an approach would be to follow the North Dakota House of Representatives' example. They recently passed a bill that would eliminate mask mandates.  You can click this link from Tom's site here to learn how the rallies will be organized.

If you're in the Twin Falls area, our colleague Bill Colley has the details for you in this link here.


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