We're blessed to live in Idaho where folks can still agree to disagree. The riots over the summer did not work their way into the Gem State. At KIDO Talk Radio, we have some of the most influential national talk show hosts on the air. Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck have some of the largest listening audiences in Idaho.

The New York Times' new story seeks to blame local (Kevin Miller) and national hosts for the violence at the nation's capital. ( I have had folks call into my morning show blaming me for people from Idaho traveling to DC to be apart of the rally.)

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The article examines the comments of hosts and callers. It even has a report from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology that monitors talk shows across the country. The 'experts' view is that talk radio should be held accountable for opinions that the hosts and callers air.

The writers quote Glenn Beck during one of his shows before the capitol incident. “It is time to fight. It is time to rip and claw and rake,” Mr. Beck said on his Jan. 4 broadcast. “It is time to go to war, as the left went to war four years ago.”

Later in the article, the writers point out that Glenn did not advocate violence against anyone. However, that was not good enough for the folks who want to eliminate talk radio. Sean Hannity and his callers did not escape the radio police of the New York Times.

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Mr. Hannity, on his Dec. 18 radio show, said of the election: “There’s no doubt this was stolen. No doubt whatsoever.” But he balked on Jan. 5, when a caller named Kim referred to Gretchen Whitmer, the Democratic governor of Michigan, as “Governor Hitler.”

Talk Radio is about opinions, and everyone has one. If a show doesn't appeal to an audience, it will be cancelled like a failed tv pilot. As social media platforms continue to consider censorship, we pride ourselves at the Kevin Miller Show and KIDO Talk Radio on hearing what you have to say!


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