As Idahoans continue to flood their barbers and hairdressers, in search of finally getting an overdue haircut, one branch of politicians is searching for relevance. The senators and representatives that make up the Idaho Legislature are trying to figure out a plan for their body to become relevant in the reopening of Idaho.
Much to the chagrin of Idahoans that value the three coequal branches of government, the legislative and judiciary have been given the Heisman by the executive branch in closing down Idaho.

The legislators weren't consulted on the decision to close the state or reopen it. Constitutionally it's up to Governor Little to call them back into session. Several elected officials have told us they've sent letters to the governor's office asking him to call them back. They've shared their frustrations both on and off the air.

If the legislators want a say in the process, they should all meet at the statehouse steps and hold a press conference. Perhaps a weekly discussion to pressure the governor to call them back into session. Without public pressure, there is no incentive for the executive branch to call the legislature back into session. Stay tuned true believers!


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