A family of five was able to escape as their two-story home went up in flames early this morning. The smell of smoke woke up the owner. When he went downstairs and opened the garage, he found a fire burning which quickly spread to the rest of the house. Investigators still don’t know what caused the fire.

Thankfully, he was able to get his entire family out of the house, including their dog, and called 911.

According to KTVB, the home is too damaged for them to return to and they will have to rebuild the house which will take several months.

The Burnout Fund is assisting the family in the meantime. I have had a friend whose apartment burned down in the same way and without this fund, she’s not sure how she and her fiancé would have survived. It helps so many people going through devastating situations like this.

Please consider donating to the Boise Burnout Fund, so they can continue to give financial assistance to families affected by such tragedies.

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