We've heard how much Meridian has been growing, but another sign of that growth has been released, as the Ada County Highway District impact fees have grown in Meridian.

The ACHD collected $8.5 million in impact feeds from new construction in Meridian in 2017's fiscal year, and that number is almost double the next closest city within the district.  That would be Boise, bringing in $4.3 million.

The yearly ACHD revenue and expense report demonstrates what each city within the the territory is bringing in and how revenues are being spent.  The impact fees that ACHD collects come from permits on new home construction as well as retail and industrial buildings.

Since 2003, Meridian has provided $69 million to ACHD, which demonstrates how significant the $8.5 million from last year really is.

ACHD revenues are also impacted by property tax collection, vehicle registrations, and highway user funds from the fuel tax across the state.  Last year, ACHD collected a total of $25.1 million in Meridian.

You can read more about the process at the Idaho Press.

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