Who doesn't like Metallica?  It looks like one of rock's most iconic bands might have some explaining to do when it comes to selling tickets to their shows.  Every time a concert sells out, a number of empty-handed fans blame it on some sort of conspiracy involving scalpers. And now they have their proof: A rep for Metallica has been caught making a deal with Live Nation to funnel a whopping 88,000 tickets directly to the scalping market for a cut of the earnings.

In a recorded phone conversation between Metallica management member Tony DiCoiccio and Live Nation's Bob Roux and Vaughn Millette, the men can be heard masterminding a plan to transfer tickets to scalping companies under Ticketmaster's radar. Roux suggests that "either a Live Nation employee or a venue box office basically take these and sell them into a singular account."

The call, which occurred in 2017 ahead of Metallica's WorldWired tour, came to light after Millette was hired by a different company and sent the recording to Live Nation execs. From there, it ended up at Billboard, which broke the story on Friday. Responding to the leaked audio, Live Nation officials admit to having transferred tickets to resellers at the direction of "about a dozen artists" in 2016 and 2017, but add they no longer engage in the illicit practice.

On Metallica's end, a rep says the band was completely unaware of DiCoiccio's dirty dealings. Do you believe Metallica was completely in the dark on this deal? What's the highest you've had to pay for a ticket after a show "sold out?"

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