As if we didn't have enough issues dividing us in our country and the world.  As you've seen from the video above, the first lady has given us her unsolicited take on the battle of the sexes.  The context of her statements involved her efforts to expand women's rights in other countries.  However, who are we to tell the rest of the world how to live their lives?

I'm a fan of traditional gender roles in society and home.  I believe the flip flopping of roles has left the millennials and plurals very confused about what are the roles of men and women.  Men are portrayed in sitcoms as passive and stupid.  While everyone else is portrayed as strong and smart.  This does have an impact on male self perception. Which is evident in the latest unemployment figures for males in America.

The democrats use the phrase 'war on women' to raise money and to strengthen their get out the vote efforts.  Is there really a 'war on women?'  Imagine if the president or President Bush had said, 'men are smarter than women.'  The phony outrage industry would be cranking out perceived slights at a record pace.

If the our gender roles are equal, where is the outrage about Mrs. Obama's comments?  There isn't any because our society favors women.  More woman are in the workplace than ever before and making more money than most men.  We could see the first woman president in 2016.

By the way, whatever happened to the male news/sports anchor?   They've all been replaced by women.  In response to Mrs. Obama's unfortunate statements, 'the smartest response in the gender wars', is to keep your opinions to yourself.

Mark Wilson, Getty Images