Our biannual drive to help Treasure Valley Families will be starting on May 21st at the Nampa Wal Mart on Garrity and Franklin.  Join me as I live in the parking lot raising funds for local kids and families.If you're new to the area this drive is in partnership with the Boise Rescue Mission.  Their group is unique because they receive no government funding.  They feed, cloth, rebuild, and educate families and individuals all from local donations.

In November, we challenge the community 'give a turkey, not be a turkey.'  Here's a humorous look at our efforts thanks to Channel 7. The Spring/Summer Campaign is a little different.

In the Fall, the entire Treasure Valley is in the giving mood.  Charitable donations are top of mind.  For most of us, the longer days mean vacations and family reunions.

Miller's Mission, Spring/Summer, is to let folks know that people need help event when it's shorts and t shirt weather.  This year we'd like you to donate new and gently used children's clothes, tax deductible cash donations and nonperishable food items.

We'll be giving away tickets to the Boise Music Festival while we're living at Wal Mart.  Please help us, help them.

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