It was a wet start to the Tuesday edition of Miller's Mission that featured a loss of power, compelling stories of transformation, and lots of pennies donated to the Boise Rescue Mission.Kevin Miller was joined this morning by members of the staff of the Boise Rescue Mission at the Nampa Wal Mart on Garrity and Franklin.  Staff members, programmers, and community leaders stopped by to donate.  The Penny Patrol showed up in force delivering thousands of pennies to help fund programs to aid Treasure Valley families.

This week's donations will fund Summer programs for at-risk kids.  Summer at the Mission means a safe place to go during the day.  Working moms know that their children will be protected and that allows them to continue working.  Affordable childcare, like affordable housing, is a challenge for today's families.

Stability means three meals a day and every kid will get an opportunity to go to camp. Tutors work with school age kids three days a week to keep them updated with personalized educational programs.  The goal is to keep the students remembering last years academics so they'll be ready once school begins in the Fall.

Little Lights Kids Program will teach Junior Achievement for the first time this Summer.  The curriculum will help kids learn real life skills like balancing a check book, credit cards, and local government.

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