It's a sign of getting old. My thoughts are starting to echo my parents and grandparents. How many times have I heard them opine about one of their favorite entertainers passing away? And now, Eddie Van Halen dies at the age of 65. Yes, a young 65. The older you get, the younger people in their 60s appear to be to you.  Eddie Van Halen was the fun-loving, smiling music genius that fueled the greatest rock band of ever, Van Halen. He and his brother Alex were musical masters of the guitar and drums.

The Van Halens and bassist Michael Anthony and lead singer David Lee Roth shared their rock lifestyle with millions of adolescent and post-adolescent males.  Whether it was the classic 'Beautiful Girls' to the mainstream hit 'Jump,' people loved Van Halen.

The band was a balance of Eddie's guitar riffs and the outrageous antics of Roth.They made millions together until the band broke up. Sammy Hagar replaced Roth, and the music rolled on with many more hits.

However, the band was never the same without Roth.  People make a difference.  Chemistry makes a difference.  Eddie Van Halen inspired generations of wanna be modern day guitar heroes.  The great Michael Jackson asked Van Halen to play guitar in his song 'Beat it.'

Eddie Van Halen made the ride to work or school more enjoyable.  He lived in an age where music and writing mattered to the audience. Although, he's left us, his music and legacy are timeless to the young and the old.

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