Today's guests: 6 a.m. – Rabbi Jeffrey Katz discusses his book, The Secret Life: A Book of Wisdom from the Great Teacher.; Kevin Miller reports on the two newest Democrats running for the White House.  He shared the comments of Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts  and Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota.   6:35am – Fox News Radio’s Jeff Monosso with his Fox Wheels report.  Kevin Miller reports on more and more Democrats embracing Socialism.  He took calls from listeners responding to his comments. ; 7 a.m. – Longtime Boise financial planner and radio talk show host Dave Petso with his weekly market outlook.  Kevin Miller and Dave Petso discussed the history of Micron and the continued transportation challenges in the Treasure Valley.; 8 a.m. – Keith Murphy from explains what his organization does for men with cancer.  Kevin Miller reports on a new bill in the Idaho Legislature that would penalize drivers who do not use hands free devices while driving in Idaho.  Kevin Miller was joined by Jeff the Suit to debate how big the fines should be for using your phone.  They compared the fines of neighboring states of Washington and Oregon. ; 8:35 a.m. – Fox News’ Jon Decker reports live from the White House.  Kevin Miller looks at how likely another government shutdown will be if both sides do not come to an agreement today.  Kevin Miller looks at the testimony of acting US Attorney General Mathew Whittaker.

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