When it comes to top “accomplishments” that Americans want to achieve in 2022, a recent survey shows that it won’t take a lot to make us happy this year. 

The survey, conducted by OnePoll, it’s not purchasing a new car, buying a new home or moving to a new place that people really wanted to check off the bucket list. The number one answer on the board? Survey says 44% of Americans said the one thing they hope to do before the year is over is go on a vacation somewhere in the United States. 


Where’s your dream destination? Disney? Vegas? Or staying a little closer to home to explore some of Idaho’s most beautiful places? If you offered that last one and you’re willing to drop a stupid amount of money that we should all be so lucky to have in our bank accounts, we found the property for you. 

The team at Joybird recently dug up the most expensive Airbnb in every state. We thought that we had found the most expensive one at $2,999 per night in Coeur d’Alene but they did us one better. While they’re calling it a “cabin in Rigby,” but the property they found for a whopping $5,400 a night (during 4th of July weekend) is actually the Labelle Lake Event Venue and Retreat Center. 

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The rental itself has the cutest story. What started as a dream home for Jim and Shannon Youngstrom and their growing family in 1993 grew into something even more wonderful. According to Labelle Lake’s website, Jim never stopped building, creating and growing the family log cabin and the area around it. In 2017, the family made the decision to turn the home into an event venue and their second oldest of six, Kira, is the director. The family is tight knit and everyone lends a hand in making this property so beautiful! 

Kira is the one who lists this amazing property on Airbnb. Are you ready to see what makes it so special? Here’s a look at some of the photos! 

BTW, the property is listed as unavailable for 4th of July weekend. If you select the right days, the price could drop thousands per night! It’s still expensive, but not quite AS expensive as Joybird would like you to think. 

See Inside Idaho's Most Sensational and Expensive Vacation Rental

According to Joybird, this stunning event and retreat property near Rigby is the most expensive vacation home you can rent in Idaho when booking through Airbnb!

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