Why what's good news for Bronco Nation is bad news for the entire conference.    The Mountain West Championship Game will be held in Boise this week.  Once again, we'll see the Broncos take on the Fresno State Bulldogs.  BSU is hoping for a big crowd to help the home team.  Considering that the Broncos lost last week, is it fair that the game is in Boise instead of Fresno?

Fair or not, the Broncos are better negotiators than their fellow Mountain West competitors.  Chadd Cripe in the Idaho Statesman breaks down how computers and not rankings determined home field advantage.

Many fans had flashbacks to the BCS computers determining the national title game, as they waited to see which city would host the title game.  I thought we ditched the machines when college football went to the playoff committee.  Too bad the Mountain West does not follow the example of other Group of Five schools where head to head matches matter.

Mountain West Commissioner Craig Thompson told the Fresno Bee, '“You can’t base it on a single game.  "I know head to head means a ton, and it should. But it’s the full body of work. It’s all eight (conference) games and how they did against the entire schedule."

Head to head doesn't count?  The entire season matters?  The commissioner sounds like a candidate running for office in California than running a major football conference.  Let's not forget the brilliant folks who schedule traditional rivals, Boise and Fresno, at the end of the year instead of at the beginning.  Talk about a buzzkill, let's see if the Bulldogs can do it two weeks in a row.

What happens if the Broncos win?  Should we schedule a third game to make it a best two out of three?  This situation should've been avoided if the Mountain West get with the times like every other conference.  Is that asking too much?

How can a conference remain credible if an antiquated system determines home field advantage?  A conference commissioner stating that head to head wins don't matter?  The Mountain West needs to put on their big boy paints and make sure this is the last year computers and not play determine who hosts the big game.


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