Governor Brad Little did order Idaho back into Stage 2 of reopening.  The governor did adjust the restrictions that were in the previous version of stage 2.  Washington State Governor Jay Inslee is mad at Governor Little.  He called Idaho's move back to Stage 2 irresponsible, reports Channel 6.  The governor did not institute a statewide mandate which angered Inslee.

Inslee shared his views on Idaho as a statewide news conference.  “I have urged the Idaho leaders to show some leadership,” Inslee responded. “One of the reasons we have such jammed up hospitals in Spokane is because Idaho, frankly, has not done some of the things we’ve found successful.”

Inslee would like Idaho to be more like his state. Washington will enforce stricter limitations on public gatherings including funerals, which will be limited to 30 people.  More states across the country are following the example of Inslee and his lock downs.  Michigan has shut down indoor dining in restaurants and ordered high schools and colleges to halt in-person classes.

Oregon will limit indoor gatherings greater than six people to just two households - including Thanksgiving. Even North Dakota, which has avoided many restrictions, is enforcing a statewide mask mandate. It's beginning to look like what began as the Spring of nothing could claim Thanksgiving?  Depending on which health experts you believe, Thanksgiving travel maybe reduced by more than 10% of previous years.

Could we see further restrictions in Idaho?  Governor Little warned that folks need to take their personal safety seriously.  Should states be locking down further with the pandemic spiking?


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