Why the Left's efforts to discredit our Attorney General is a referendum on Republican loyalty.    I admit that I've always admired Attorney General Jeff Sessions.  I have a bias.  I covered the senator while working as a baby talk show host in Huntsville and Birmingham, Alabama.  He was a senator then, and was always personable, respective and sincere, rare qualities with today's politicians.

The relationship between politicians and the media is a strange and delicate balance.  Journalists/Commentators should be fair, but never a politicians buddy.   That was never the case with Senator Sessions, one of the highlights of my career in Alabama was when he called me a patriot while attending his daughter's law school graduation.

As a senator, Sessions worked tirelessly to enforce our immigration laws.  He cannot be marginalized by the media as Alt. Right, Tea Party or whatever other label they contrive.  The only way to derail the attorney general's mission is to derail him with these false Russian allegations.

The left has shrewdly partnered with their accomplices in the media to call for investigations.  Some main stream outlets are carrying the 'should Sessions resign' argument by the extreme wing of the Democratic Party.

One has admire how loyal the libs are to their cause.  They haven't conceded that election was lost several months ago.  You never saw this squabbling from them during Obama's run.  I can't recall any Democrat calling on any type of investigation during the terms of crime fighting Attorney Generals Holder and Lynch.  If nothing else the Dems and their 'resistance' are loyal to the cause.

Unfortunately, congressional republicans cannot come close to the loyalty of the left.  Congressman Chaffetz and Senator Rubio have called for investigations into the 'possible' Russian hacking of our elections.  Have we garnered any real evidence of Russian influence except for anonymous sources quoted at random in progressive publications?   I forgot the usual suspects, Senators McCain and Graham are demanding an investigation. (Remember these are the two that never met an amnesty bill they didn't like.)

With friends like the crew mentioned above, who needs enemies?  The real threat is to the change that Sessions and Trump represent.  If we really want to Make America Great Again, we must ignore the liberal propaganda and rally to support our Attorney General and President.  It's what any friend would do for anther.

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