Call it a sign of the time, the City of Nampa will shut down its irrigation system for the season Tuesday, September 7. The City's move coincides with the Pioneer Irrigation District's shut-off date of September 7. 

Limited snowpack from the winter and excess triple-digit temperatures have taken their toll on Idaho's farms and lawns. We've received several reports that the neighborhood has had limited irrigation water in hopes of conserving enough water to make it through this trying summer season.  

Earlier this summer, Caldwell reported that they would be limiting water consumption and possibly fining citizens who used their indoor water for outdoor use. Nampa shared their plan with the public via a release.

Three irrigation districts (Pioneer Irrigation District, Nampa & Meridian Irrigation District, and Boise-Kuna Irrigation District) provide water for City of Nampa irrigation customers. Nampa & Meridian Irrigation District and Boise-Kuna Irrigation District are scheduled to end their season on September 15. 

This year several factors played into a shorter than average irrigation season for those served by the City's pressurized irrigation system. Due to a lack of snowfall this past winter and drought conditions this spring, the reservoirs were well below normal levels at the start of irrigation season. 

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A quick spring runoff, an early start to summer and higher temperatures all play into the supply and demand on the canal system. As the Irrigation Districts near the end of their allotment, each district determines when and why they will shut off the water to customers, which includes the City of Nampa. 

Yearly irrigation assessments are calculated and based on the square footage of your property. The irrigation water is not metered, and the length of the season is dependent on the availability of water. Refunds will not be given at this time.

A reminder to City of Nampa water users: please do not use potable (house) water to irrigate your lawn as it will increase the water and sewer charges on your utility bill. The City of Nampa does not have enough back up domestic water to fulfill irrigation needs. 

Additionally, the Nampa Waterworks Division reminds individuals and companies that the city valve should not be turned off when blowing out sprinkler lines. The keyed turnoff is for city emergency use only.

For more information, visit or call (208) 468-5860.

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