The fire season has impacted everyone on the West Coast of America.  The smoke from the wildfires impacted the air quality in New York City.  As the fires continue to burn, area firefighters have traveled to neighboring states to help fight the fires.  The City of Nampa released the details of their deployment in a press release.  Nampa Fire Department crews joined others from Kuna, Parma, and Sand Hollow to form a task force sent to respond to wildfires in California on August 20. Their original orders were for a 14-day deployment but were extended and the crews ended up staying for a total of 23 days. The crews were assigned to an area south of Livermore, California, just East of San Francisco as part of the SCU Lightning Complex Fires.

Regarding the experience, Nampa Fire Captain Bailey said, “Our primarily objective was to maintain the fire line, patrolling and putting out hotspots to ensure the fires did not flare up again. Our assistance freed up depleted Cal-Fire resources needed to perform initial attacks on new and growing fires. The wildfires we experienced turned everything it touched to a barren wasteland of grey ash as far as the eye could see. The outpouring of support and thankfulness from the local community, even by homeowners who had just lost their home, was truly humbling.” The SCU Lighting Complex Fire has been active for 33 days and has burned nearly 400,000 acres and is 98% contained.

As the crew returned safely home September 12, Nampa received an urgent request from the State of Oregon to assist on another wildfire. Thank you to the Nampa Fleet Division for servicing and repairing the type 6 brush engine within 24 hours of their return and in time for additional Nampa crew members to join others from Weiser Rural and Sand Hollow to form a new task force sent to Oregon.

Nampa Fire Chief Kirk Carpenter shared, “With the support of our community and city leadership, the Nampa Fire Department responded to the call for assistance to those experiencing active wildfires in both California and Oregon. We are thankful we have the ability to assist our neighboring firefighters and communities in need and greatly appreciate the sacrifices made by our members who left families and schedules behind to respond to the tragic events.”

All expenses incurred due to the emergency deployment are reimbursed to the City of Nampa through the Idaho Department of Lands.


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