Nampa is America's best-run city, and Boise is the second best-run city in America, according to a new study from our friends at Wallethub. This morning's study evaluated various factors to determine America's best-run cities.

Nampa topped Boise, Fort Wayne, Indiana, Nashua New Hampshire, Lexington, Kentucky, Lincoln, Nebraska, Las Cruces, New Mexico, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Missoula, Montana, and Durham, North Carolina.

Why Nampa is Number One

Wallethub looked at over thirty factors from financial stability to education in ranking the one hundred fifty top cities in the country.  Nampa had the lowest debt per capita and led in several other factors.  Idaho's third largest city has benefited from the influx of folks moving into Idaho.  The city has provided more value to homeowners who find their money will go further in Canyon County than in Boise and Meridian.

Nampa citizens enjoy a great quality of life with good quality city services powered by the lowest budget of $2,414 per capita.  Nampa residents live in one of the safest cities in America and its economy continues to be strong.

Boise Finishes Number Two

Idaho's capital city finished a strong second to Nampa.  Here's a look at how Boise performed in some selected categories:

  • 37th – Financial Stability
  • 41st – Education
  • 10th – Health
  • 8th – Safety
  • 4th – Economy
  • 32nd – Infrastructure & Pollution
  • 3rd – Total Budget per Capita

Both cities continue to attract positive national attention for their management.  Unlike other parts of the country, Idaho continues to attract more and more people.

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