Nampa Police say that there receiving several reports of clowns in the city.  They haven't found any yet, but they're on the case.  The department has taken to Facebook asking the publicnot to engage in looking for clowns.  Oh my, only in the Treasure Valley would we have folks forming their own 'clown posse.'  Can someone quote the part of the criminal justice code that it's against the law to dress up as a clown in Idaho?  (Although, I wouldn't recommend it, I don't believe clowns are lawbreakers!)

I'm aware of the reports of some clowns, in other states,  allegedly trying to lure kids into the woods.  Hopefully those are just stories and not reality.  The police are doing their best to avoid any violence against some goofy individual who thinks it's fun to dress up and scare people.

Let's hope common sense prevails and there's no clowning around in Nampa.