Every year the skies of Nampa, Idaho, are transformed with the sounds of freedom from vintage World War Two Fighter Planes. It's time once again for the annual Warbird RoundUp at the Warhawk Air Museum. The Warhawk Museum is welcoming pilots and their airplanes from all over the country and you're invited to check them out this weekend in Nampa.

Here's an exclusive preview below:

Warhawk Warbird Round Up Photos

A special thanks to the Warhawk Museum for allowing us to take photos this afternoon.  Here are the details of what you'll see this weekend.

830am Gates Open

9 am National Anthem

10 am L2 Grasshopper, L2A Grasshopper, L6 Grasshopper

1020am P51D Diamondback  P-51C Boise Bee 47D Dottie Mae, P40E Sneak Attack

1040am SNL-5 Lil' Ashlee N-50 T-28 Trojan

11 am P-40E Sneak Attack P-40N Suzy P 40N Parrothead

1120am P47D  Dottie Mae F4U-1A Corsair F8F-2 Bearcat

1140am Pd-51D Patty Ann II P-51B Old Crow P-51D Old Crow P-51D Glamorous Glenn III

12pm Bud Anderson

0:00 SNJ-5 Lil' Ashlee NA-50 T-28 Trojan

+20 P-51D Patty Ann II P-51D Glamorous Glenn III P-40N Suzy

+40 P-47D Dottie Mae F4U-!a Corsair F8F-2 Bearcat

+60 P-51C Boise Bee P-51B Old Crow P-ddd51D Old Crow P-51D Diamondback

4 pm Ramp Closes




For more information, you can click here on Warhawk's website.

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