The age old debate of whether or not college athletes should be paid to play could be coming to an end soon.  The debate will rage on over the airwaves, at bars, and in living rooms, but the NCAA is beginning the conversation to consider paying athletes.  Multiple reports state that the NCAA will finally consider whether room, board, and the cost of going to school is enough to compensate student/athletes.  Most experts would expect major college football powers, those are the institutions that can afford to pay players, would be in favor of paying players.

There are a number of roadblocks to paying athletes.  College football programs, not all programs, provide the majority of revenue for most athletic departments.  Two major questions remain on how colleges would pay players from non-revenue/Olympic sports and women's sports.

However one if college football players get paid, one hugely popular video game could be returning to your favorite gaming platform.

EA Sports would be interested in resurrecting the, dead since 2013 NCAA Football video game.The buzz follows news that the league "has formed a group to examine name, image, and likeness policies, as well as benefits," reports's Kevin Boilard.

The sports publication reached out to the game maker for comment.EA's response? In short, sure, if the opportunity ever presents.Would you like to see NCAA Football back on the shelves? Should college players be compensated for use of their likeness?

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