Some of us have food issues for lack of a better way to put it.  Some of us live by the old Lays Potato Chip motto, 'you just can't have one.'  So what happens when you happen to eat an entire package of your favorite junk food?  How many calories is that exactly?  Well thanks to  new food guild lines consumers will know how much they're actually consuming.  Who hasn't thought at one time they could eat an entire box of cookies?  Or perhaps, like me,  a frozen pizza is your favorite food?  Here's what will happen now thanks to the Food and Drug Administration.

New rules instituted by the federal regulator will now have nutrition labels for any food package that contains between two and three servings include calorie counts for devouring the entire thing.

Claudine Kavanaugh, director of the office of nutrition and food labeling at the FDA, recognizes that some items can easily be consumed in one meal as the reason for the update.  "We know that Americans are eating differently, and the amount of calories and nutrients on the label is required to reflect what people actually eat and drink – not a recommendation of what to eat or drink," said Kavanaugh in last month's announcement. What multi-serving item could you easily eat in one sitting?


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