The Idaho Legislature is considering a new bill that would require Idaho drivers to use hands free devices while driving their cars.  This is not the first time the legislature has considered a hands free proposal as a similar measure was defeated last year.Senator Jim Rice of Caldwell introduced the bill that would restrict drivers from using their phone without a hands free device.  Senator Rice told KTVB that the lawmakers want drivers to use 'voice activated technology' while operating their vehicles on Gem State roads.

The lawmakers did consider a measure last year.  It failed to get out of the senate by a vote of 22-13.  Senator Dan Foreman, Republican from Moscow, told the Idaho State Journal 'We could pass laws on this topic ’til the cows come home and they will continue to do it.'

If the law passes the Senate it will move to the House for approval.  If it passed through the House and Governor Little signs the bill, the law will go into effect July 1.

Wondering what the penalties will be if police catch you on the phone while driving?  It will cost you fifty dollars for your first offense.  Get caught again?  You'll pay two hundred dollars and three hundred dollars for a third time.  The financial penalties could double if you hit someone while driving without a hands free device.


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