I've loved the Fox News Channel since I first saw a very young Sean Hannity hosting a show several years ago.  How many of us openly cheered for the Conservative upstart as it eventually bested CNN and MSNBC?  I can remember repeating the line from the old O'Reilly Factor, 'we're looking out for you.'  Fox News was led by the now deceased Roger Ailes.  He was the visionary.  The guy who hired O'Reilly and Hannity.  Although, Rupert Murdoch owns Fox News, Ailes was truly the founder.

Fox News Host Tucker Carlson
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Today, Fox News is a different place.  The channel that for years partnered with candidate and then President Trump dominated the ratings, is now a different place.  KIDO Talk Radio Callers have voiced their opinion that they believe Fox has sold out to the left.  The president has criticized Fox News on several occasions.   As the president leaves office, Fox News is now wondering how it's lost some of its audience.

Sean Hannity Verses Jorge Ramos
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Fox has two relative smaller competitors that remind some folks of the old Fox News Channel.  One American News along with Newsmax is all in on trying to be the new Fox.  Night after night, semi anonymous hosts attack Pelosi, Schumer, and Biden.  In my opinion, pandering to Trump Nation.   So far their strategy has given them record rating in new viewers.  Fox has felt the pain as the fewer viewers tune in, competitors CNN and MSNBC now have the top shows on cable.


CNN Business reports that recently Greg Kelly, formerly of Fox News, beat Martha McCallum's show at 7pm ET.  This is a big win considering that no one has ever heard of Kelly outside of his time at Fox.  You can read further details at the link here.

So is it over for Fox News?

The network does appear to be embracing the more 'journalistic style' of content during the day.  The reality is that prime time pays the bill and is led by an all star line up that has no rivals.  As long as Fox employs Tucker, Sean, and Laura they will be fine.  If we see one or more of them go, then it's over for the big Fox.

Welcome Sean Hannnity
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I'd look for Fox to find a show for the recently acquired multi-talented Will Cain.  The guy is smart intelligent and been around.  Cain has worked at The Blaze, CNN, ESPN, before landing at Fox.  Look for Cain to get a show soon.


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