Alton Nolen is accused of beheading a fellow American.  Thankfully he was shot by a coworker before he could kill more innocents in Moore, Oklahoma.  Somehow the esteemed panel above missed the fact that a woman was beheaded in America.  There are many disturbing views in the video.  Do we call the killer a gentleman?  Do we call an act of terrorism workplace violence?  Did you notice the giggling at the beginning of the segment?  What's so funny about acts of violence that happen daily in the Middle East coming home to the heartland?

David McNew, Getty Images

I have watched this video several times.  The above conversation is an example of folks who are out of touch with reality.  No one is attacking a religion, the officer in the new conference was stating a fact.  The killer used his faith as a source of rage against his fellow workers.

Published reports are now stating that Alton Nolen posted images of Osama Bin Laden on his Facebook?  How about calling himself Jah'Keem Yisrael?  He has a history of being arrested and doing time in jail.  Does this sound like an overstressed coworker to you?

Of course not, and the folks at MSNBC know it.  They undermine what limited credibility they have by calling a horrible terrorist attack an incident of workplace violence.  Nolen needs to be treated as a terrorist not a criminal suspect.  Let's hope the authorities are more aware than the misguided panel.  Our lives depend on it.